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Flag Pattern Pro - Mt4/Mt5 Indicator

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Flag Pattern pro is a Price Action (PA)  forex indicator  that scans the forex continuation patterns known as “Flag and Pennant Patterns” .

Flag and Pennant forex chart patterns are forex continuation patterns characterized by a move in a previous trend direction after a shallow retracement usually below 50% of the original move . Deep retracements can however be sometimes found at the 61.8 % levels. The original move is know as the flag pole and the retracement is called the flag.


  • The Forex Pattern Signals are non-repaint
  • The product scans Fx Flag/Pennant patterns on any time frame and currency pair.
  • This Forex App comes with a statistics dashboard that shows pattern accuracy.
  • Each fx flag pattern has a stop loss and 5 Fibonacci targets .
  • The Flag & Pennant scanner also comes with a notification system for when patterns are formed.


  • Scan Range : Numbers of Forex history bars to scan
  • Pattern Period : Used to define the forex indicator pattern points, lower period will scan closer pattern points
  • TP1 : First Target Fibonacci Ratio
  • TP2 : Second Target Fibonacci Ratio
  • TP3 : Third Target Fibonacci Ratio
  • TP4 : Fourth Target Fibonacci Ratio
  • TP5 : Fifth Target Fibonacci Ratio
  • TP6 : Sixth Target Fibonacci Ratio
  • Pop Up : Pop Up Alert
  • Email : Email Alerts
  • Phone : Phone Notifications




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