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You can now download free versions of our paid products . The free versions are designed for one pair and one timeframe .

Channel Vertex Pro

Channel Vertex is a price action pattern formed by price Chanel and a triangle pattern . Price channels basically indicates possible support and resistance zones around a price movement and retracement or breakout at these levels can indicate possible trend continuation or reversal .

Free version ( works for US30, H1 time frame )

Congestion Breakout Pro

Congestion Breakout Pro is a Forex Indicator that scans the breakout of forex congestion zones . This Forex indicator is unlike any other congestion indicator you will find in the forex market right now, it uses an advanced algorithm not peculiar to most traditional forex congestion breakout indicators available today .

Free version ( works for GBPJPY, H1 time frame )

M & W Pattern Pro

M & W Pattern Pro is an advanced scanner for M and W patters , it uses extra filters to ensure scanned patterns are profitable. The indicator can be used with all symbols and time frames. The indicator is a non repaint indicator with accurate statistics

Free version ( works for AUDJPY, H1 time frame )

Flag Pattern Pro

Flag Pattern pro is a Price Action (PA) forex indicator that scans the forex continuation patterns known as “Flag and Pennant Patterns” . Flag and Pennant forex chart patterns are forex continuation patterns characterized by a move in a previous trend direction after a shallow retracement usually below 50% of the original move .

Free version ( works for GBPJPY, H1 time frame )

1-3 Trendline Breakout

This indicator scans the 1-3 Trendline pattern . The indicator is a 100 % non repaint low risk breakout system. The patterns are formed around swing high and swing lows which make them a low risk pattern with high reward...

Free version ( works for USDCAD, H1 time frame )

Swing Continuation Pattern

The swing continuation pattern happens in a trend direction after a short reversal / pull back . As the name suggests , these patterns occurs along the swing high and swing lows of a trend , this makes the patterns very low risk patterns with potential high rewards .

Free version ( works for EURUSD, H1 time frame )

Wolfe Wave Pattern Scanner

First discovered by Bille Wolfe . The wolfe wave is a 5 wave price action pattern that is formed by supply and demand in a market and the fight to reach equilibrium in the market.

Free version ( works for USDCHF, H1 time frame )

Free Products

Volatility Ratio

Volatility Ratio identifies for traders time periods when price has exceeded its most recent price range to an extent significant enough to constitute a breakout...

High Volume Turns

High volume Turns is an indicator that scans the market for price and volume spikes around over-bought/over-sold market conditions. These spikes when spotted serves as the first indication of reversal/pullback....

Active Trends

Active Trends is designed around a simple yet effective trading strategy . It aims to show traders sentiment in real time thus giving an idea of trend direction as it changes with each bullish / bearish transaction . The indicator displays a bullish and bearish arrow accordingly as the trend changes.

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