1-3 Trendline Breakout



Product Features
  • No Repaint
  • No Back Paint
  • Long Term Trading
  • Short Term Scalping
  • Low Risk Trade System
  • Trade Notifications (PopUp , Email and Push)

1-3 Trendline Breakout - Mt4 Indicator

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This indicator scans the 1-3 Trendline pattern . The indicator is a 100 % non repaint low risk breakout system. The patterns are formed around swing high and swing lows which make them a low risk pattern with high reward.


The 1-3 Trendline Breakout pattern is formed by four(4) points which are composed of three (3) primary points and the pattern neck. A trendline is always formed by the point 1 and the neck of the pattern . When price breaks out of the trendline formed , it usually indicates a shift in supply and demand and thus a possible new trend. The 1-3 Trendline Pattern occurs in every market and it is formed by supply and demand. This means the pattern is not limited to forex market only but can also be used to trade commodities are stocks.


  • Step 1 : Spot the pattern when the signal comes up
  • Step 2 : Make sure the trendline has not been broken before .When this happens in most cases it is usually a false pattern but there are also some successful pattern formed this way. Our advise is if you are going to risk taking this type of pattern , make sure the stop loss/risk level is very small.
  • Step 3 : Trade the signal
  • Step 4: Close partial profit at a 1:1 risk to reward ratio. This means when price reaches a profit equals to the risk, close out part of the trade and ride out the rest profits



  • Works on EURUSD pair only
  • Works on H1 Time Frame only
  • Pop Up Alert Disabled
  • Email Alert Disabled
  • Push /Phone Alert Disabled


  • Works on all currency pairs
  • Works on all time frames
  • Pop Up Alert Enabled
  • Email Alert Enabled
  • Push /Phone Alert Enabled